Orange Wines

Orange wine is a type of wine made from white grapes. However, unlike traditional white wine, orange wine is produced by leaving the grape skins in contact with the juice for an extended period during fermentation. This method gives the wine an orange, amber, or sometimes pinkish color, hence the name "orange wine."

Fermenting with the skins imparts different aromas, flavors, and textures to orange wine compared to conventional white wines. Generally, orange wines tend to be more complex, with notes of dried fruits, tea, spices, and sometimes a slight astringency due to the presence of tannins extracted from the skins.

This winemaking technique, often associated with more natural production methods, has ancient roots, particularly in Georgia, where the use of clay vessels called "qvevris" is common for fermenting and aging orange wines. This style of wine is gaining popularity in the contemporary wine world due to its unique character and connection to ancient winemaking methods.

White Wines

Kraki Ktor Orange wine from Amphora

Winery Karas - Tierras de Armenia
Vintage 2022
Wine color Orange
Grape variety Kangun
Vinification Amphora
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol content 12,5%
Armenian Orange Wine - Kraki Ktor - Armavir Region - Tierras de Armenia. Grape varieties: Kangun 100%. “Kraki Ktor” is a collection of experimental wines that result from a journey of exploration merging the Armenian terroir with hidden treasures of the art of wine. A disruptive explosion of a new winemaking concept that reveals the purest energy of our...
Georgian Wines

Château Mukhrani Qvevri Georgian White Wine

Château Mukhrani
Winery Château Mukhrani
Vintage 2017
Wine color White
Grape variety Rkatsiteli, Goruli Mtsvane, Chinuri
Vinification Natural wine, Georgian Qvevri method
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol content 12.5
Georgian White Wine - Chateau Mukhrani Qvevri 2017 - Mtsketa-Mtianeti Region Grape variety: Rkatsiteli, Goruli Mtsvane, Chinuri
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