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Sunwine, is a winemaking company situated on the slopes of Mount Aragats at an elevation of 1100-1200 meters. Their approach to winemaking is marked by the use of cutting-edge technologies and meticulous vineyard management. Notably, Sunwine boasts the first-ever agrivoltaics plant, which combines solar energy production with grape cultivation.

The company shareholders - Armen, Nvard, and Vahan - bring, along with their passion for wine, a unique expertise to the table. Nvard Shahmuradyan’s scientific background and aspiration for sustainable and efficient agriculture ensures the development of innovative vineyard and the quality of the produce. Vahan Kobelyan’s expertise in efficient water systems is crucial in today’s world and particularly in Armenia, where water conservation is of significant concern. Armen Stepanyan’s experience in renewable energy and his international exposure (Luxembourg based) contributes to the development of the agro-voltaics and other energy efficiency solutions.

The vineyards at Sunwine are adorned with several grape varieties, including Areni, Voskehat, Kakhet, and Tozot. These vines thrive in the unique volcanic soils of the region, contributing to the distinct character of Sunwine’s offerings. The wine produced by Sunwine fall under the label “Flama,” which aptly translates to “flame.” This name pays homage to the fiery volcanic soils where the grapes grow, infusing the wines with their terroir-driven essence. Garush Samvelyan, a renowned winemaker, oversees the production process, ensuring that each bottle of Flama embodies the spirit of the land and the artistry of winemaking. For more information, you can explore their website at