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Trinity Canyon Vineyards. Bio and Natural wines.

The story of Trinity Canyon Vineyards started in 2009, when three wine aficionados decided to step into the world of wine. Assisted by an equally passionate group of winegrowers and winemakers, they established a unique vineyard in the Vayots Dzor Highlands, in the close vicinity of the world’s oldest wine producing site dating back some 6100 years.

Trinity 6100 Areni Noir 2020 New Vintage
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Winery/Producer Trinity Canyon Vineyards
Vintage 2020
Grape variety Areni Noir
Vinification Bio
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol content 15 %
  Areni Noir Volcanic soil with high content of sand and gravel. Continental climate with around 250 sun days/year. Vineyard elevation – 1300 m above the sea level. The wine is aged for 6 months in Caucasian oak barrels. Elegant fruity bouquet with the typical scents of ripe red fruits accompanied by notes of caramel and vanilla. At the palate, the wine...
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