Nairi 20 years

Ararat Nairi 20 years old Armenian Brandy

Nairi is one of the ancient names for Armenia. We have named our 20-year-aged ARARAT Armenian brandy the same way. Nairi is the finest brandy in the ARARAT range. We have produced it since 1967. Eighteen brandy spirits, the oldest of which benefits from not less than 55 years of ageing, forge a harmonious structure. The taste of rare softness is accompanied with an unusually lingering aftertaste.

Winery Yerevan Brandy Company
Volume 700 ml
Alcohol content 40 %
Ararat Brandy - Armenian Cognac - Nairi 20 yo. The twenty year old ARARAT Nairi is the oldest and deepest in the ARARAT range. Its noble, multi-faceted bouquet is perfectly balanced with spicy hints of pine nuts, the sweetness of thick fresh honey and light peppercorn. The celebration of victory, achieving cherished goals, these are the moments ARARAT...
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