Karas Wines

The most desired Armenian wines

Karas, the winery name, means ‘amphora’ in Armenian, a sacred wine-making clay vessel used here for 6,000 years. That, combined with Armenia’s ancient oenological culture, inspires us to chart the future of the birthplace of wine while reclaiming the mantle as a producer of the world’s most desired wines.

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Ararat Brandy

The Best Armenian Brandy

YBC is the exclusive producer of ARARAT brandies and the direct successor of Armenian brandy making traditions. It is born thanks to the generous union of human talent and the richness of Armenian nature. Being produced with local grapes, the creation of ARARAT begins with the cultivation of vine in Ararat Valley that enjoy 300 sunny days a year.

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Hin Areni Wines

Autochthonous grape varieties Areni Noir & Voskehat.

Vayots Dzor Region and Areni village in particular has been the cradle of Armenian winemaking for millennia. The findings give the grounds to assert that Armenia is one of the ancient areas where grape cultivation, processing and wine-making was developed. A 6,100-year-old winery was discovered in 2007 in the the village of Areni.

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Located in South Caucasus, this region is one of the very few places on Earth where grows Khndoghni (Sireni) grape variety. Indigenous to this region it has been a source of perfect home-made local wines, until Avetissyan family presented the Khndoghni wine to the world.

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Trinity Canyon Vineyards

Bio and Natural wines

The story of Trinity Canyon Vineyards started in 2009, when three wine aficionados decided to step into the world of wine. Assisted by an equally passionate group of winegrowers and winemakers, they established a unique vineyard in the Vayots Dzor Highlands, in the close vicinity of the world’s oldest wine producing site dating back some 6100 years .

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Golden Grape ArmAs

Golden Grape ArmAs was founded in 2007 by Armenak Aslanian, who repatriated to his motherland for the realization of goals that involve the intertwined aspects of family. The parcel of land that was untimely chosen is located in Aragatsotn region.

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The Grape Variety Areni Noir

Star variety in the eponymous region. The Areni Noir grape is one of the most beautiful symbols of a heritage viticulture whose origin is lost in the mists of time.

For thousands of years this grape has survived the harsh climatic conditions of a high altitude region by developing its character thanks to the sedimentary and volcanic soils of the region.

Some of his 120 year old vines are still found in Armenia. Areni Noir is mainly widespread in the western part of the Vayotz Dzor region, along the Arpa river. This old variety comes from the same gorge where the oldest cellar in the world (4100 BC) was discovered.


Armenian Brandy Ararat, Karas wines, Hin Areni, Kataro, Trinity, Armas, Tariri, Takar, Voskevaz. Our shop is specialized in Armenian wines and brandies as well as in Georgian Qvevri wines. We offer a selection of products coming directly from producers. Our bottles are stored in our warehouses in Brussels and are delivered in all countries of the European Union.

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