Often called Queen of white grape varieties in Armenia, Voskehat literally means "golden berry": Voski (gold) and Hatik (berry).

This ancient and rare grape variety has won the love of connoisseurs thanks to a rich and very fine aromatic bouquet. The wines are particularly extraordinary when the Voskehat grape is cultivated in the high altitude vineyards of the Vayots Dzor region. The wines then have a nose of white flowers, peach, apricot, apricot kernels and are very lively on the palate. Most noble wines based on Voskehat are produced at Vayots Dzor.

Hin Areni estate is known for its Voskehat single varietal wine. Hin Areni is fortunate to have his own Voskehat vines, because many wine producers have to fight every year to get Voskehat from the winegrowers.

In 2019, Trinity Canyon Vineyards presented the first Armenian orange wine with the Voskehat made in terracotta amphorae. It is an opportunity to discover a wine without sulfite and without the intervention of modern technologies, as vinified by our ancestors. By the way, the name of the wine is Voskehat Ancestors

This grape variety is also cultivated in the Aragatsotn region, known for its dessert wine. 

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