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The Yerevan Wine Days: a renowned celebration showcasing Armenian wine.

The Yerevan Wine Festival, known as Yerevan Wine Days, is an annual event that highlights the importance of Armenian wine and wine tourism, and plays a prominent role in the development of tourism in Armenia. Organized every year at the beginning of summer for the past 7 years, this festival has conquered the hearts of wine lovers around the world.

In 2023, from June 2 to 4, several major thoroughfares of the city of Yerevan have turned into a real unique meeting place for wine lovers and winemakers. The streets were filled with warmth, positive vibes, music, lights and joyful laughter from visitors who were getting a little drunk. The Yerevan Wine Days festival offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, conducive to exchanges and discoveries.

Nearly 70 Armenian wine companies and 30 food stands are represented at the festival, and they all make sure to create a festive and entertaining atmosphere. The Armenia Wine Festival is not just limited to exceptional wine tastings. It is also an opportunity to experience Armenian culture through art exhibitions, concerts, folk dances and traditional performances. Visitors can take part in winemaking workshops, learn tasting techniques and explore local wine-related artisan products. The festival offers a complete immersive experience, where history, gastronomy and art blend harmoniously.

n 2022, Yerevan Wine Festival was recognized as the Event of the Year at the Wine Travel Awards 2021-2022. The awards ceremony took place on the sidelines of the London Wine Fair, during which the festival received this prestigious distinction. The Yerevan Wine Festival continues to establish itself as a regionally renowned event, attracting ever larger and more enthusiastic audiences every year. It embodies the very essence of Armenian wine culture and reflects the passion and dedication local producers have for their job.

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