ARARAT NAIRI 20 years old 0,5l
Nairi Brandy

ARARAT NAIRI 20 years old 0,7l Armenian Brandy

Ararat Brandy - Armenian Cognac - Nairi 20 yo.

The twenty year old ARARAT Nairi is the oldest and deepest in the ARARAT range. Its noble, multi-faceted bouquet is perfectly balanced with spicy hints of pine nuts, the sweetness of thick fresh honey and light peppercorn.

The celebration of victory, achieving cherished goals, these are the moments ARARAT Nairi brandy was created for. This sophisticated blend perfectly emphasises the significance of the achievement and is a perfect gift for a true victor. Aged 20 years. 700 ml. Alc. by vol. — 40%


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Yerevan Brandy Company
700 ml
Alcohol content
40 %
Years of barrel aging
European Union

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Every glass of ARARAT embodies the generosity of Armenian grapes, the bright sunshine of the Ararat valley, the purity of spring water, the enduring nature of Caucasian oak barrels andthe warmth of our hands.


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ARARAT is about generosity, sincerity, craftsmanship and passion.

Our legendary ARARAT Armenian brandies have been produced for over 130 years founded on centuries-old traditions and the heritage of the Yerevan Brandy Company.

High quality is preserved at all stages of production – from the growing of vines to bottling. Our brandies are well-known in many countries as a generous gift from sunny and hospitable Armenia. Their singular character is born of the unique climate of the Ararat valley, ripe Armenian grapes, pure spring water and special conditions of aging in Caucasian oak barrels.

The history of the oldest Armenian brandy ARARAT began over 130 years ago, in 1887, when brandy production in Armenia was founded. The spirit of pioneering laid down by its founders - Nerses and Vasily Tairyan, has been the brand’s guide throughout its history: the first vintage brandy and the first international recognition at the worldwide popular exhibition in the historical homeland of cognac – in France in 1902. And today, ARARAT, presented and recognized in more than 35 countries around the world, is the first truly global brand of Armenian brandy.

ARARAT is the country’s most important part of cultural and historical heritage. Its taste is a unique combination of Armenian nature, the century-old heritage of the brand and the experience formed by generations of masters of the Yerevan Brandy Company. The adherence to its roots and homeland makes the character and taste of the Armenian brandy ARARAT truly authentic and unique.

A perfect balance of traditions and brand authenticity ensures ARARAT’s modern approach to its consumer. Unique blends, innovative products, cocktails and new brandy-based serves make ARARAT the perfect choice for any occasion, be it a family celebration, a party for friends or a special occasion.