Ararat, the best Armenian brandy

YBC is one of the first companies that have been practicing the S&R approach in its 360 degrees range in Armenia.   Yerevan Brandy Company is the one that have been pioneering Responsible Consumption and focuses the public’s attention to issues of Responsible Drinking.

In 1998, the Yerevan Brandy Company became part of Pernod Ricard Group, the world’s n°2 in wines and spirits, which gave ARARAT brandies new opportunities to develop on the international market. While remaining faithful to the traditions of the Armenian brandy business, Yerevan Brandy Company introduced new quality standards and gained access to the best equipment allowing to create the world's best Armenian brandy.

Back in 1998 it was the very first big international investment done in Armenia after the country’s Independence. Over the past 20 years Pernod Ricard has been constantly investing in the company to offer the consumers the best Armenian Brandy and provide the favorable conditions for its production and distribution in 35 countries worldwide. Over the past hundred and thirty years ARARAT has been cherishing traditions to create the best embodiment of Armenian generous land and human talent, which in its turn has never been imprisoned by stereotypes and went for extra mile by offering innovative products. The perfect illustration of harmonious combining of traditions and innovations is the range of ARARAT brandies, that offers the revived blends of Vintage Collection as well as innovative products such as ARARAT Single Cask, launched last year.


Inspired by France

The century old journey of the enterprise that soon after the foundation became the credential of Armenia’s generosity has begun by the savoir-faire of French tradition, when back in 1887 Armenian merchant and philanthropist Nerses Tairyan borrowed the Charente method of double distillation and refined the wine made of Armenian grapes to reveal its best spirit. Later on in 1902 the master blender Mkrtich Musinyants who got his brilliant education in the city of Montpellier created the first Armenian Vintage brandy and as a tribute to France called it “Fine Champagne Selected”. In soviet times the unexcelled master blender Markar Sedrakyan who created such blends as NairiAkhtamar and legendary Dvin served at Crimea conference of 1945, has been recognized by French specialists and awarded with “Knight of Degustation” title.


Tribute to Armenia

Throughout its entire history has ARARAT been always representing Armenia with its history and culture by paying tribute to the richest heritage of country’s traditions, while the birthplace of it – monumental building of Yerevan Brandy Company became one of the best known symbols of Yerevan. Here is where the legendary ARARAT 3 stars, ARARAT 5 stars, Ani (6 YO), Otborny (7 YO), Akhtamar (10 YO), Vaspurakan (15 YO), Nairi (20 YO)Dvin Collection Reserve and ultra-premium Erebuni (30 YO) are made.  

Legendary Armenian Brandy ARARAT

The process of creating ARARAT brandy is a true art. It is born thanks to the generous union of human talent and the richness of Armenian nature. Being produced only with local Armenian grapes, the creation of ARARAT brandy begins with the cultivation of vine in Ararat Valley that enjoy 300 sunny days a year. The wine obtained from the gathered harvest undergoes double distillation, which allows all the taste properties of the local grape varieties to be absorbed. The second distillation produces three fractions: head, heart and tail and only the head is used as the basis for ARARAT brandies. The alcohol then spends between three years and half a century, or even longer in the cask becoming enriched with different shades of color, taste and aroma. It is thanks to the special structure of the Caucasian oak used to make the casks that the spirit acquires its special character. The masters choose from over 700 spirits of different ages and grape varieties to make each of the brandies in the ARARAT range unique. 



ARARAT Museum is where the acquaintance with the legendary Armenian brandy ARARAT begins. With the more than 40 000 visitors annually coming from different countries worlwide ARARAT Museum became one of the iconic places in Yerevan. It has been visited by more than 30 presidents of the countries, as well as famous persons & opinion leaders. Along with world famous George Clooney or John Malkovich, there have also been many of French and French-Armenian celebrities: Patricia Kaas, Garou, Michele Legrand, Helen Segara, Charles Aznavour and many others.

In 2017 ARARAT Museum launched the unique project “ARARAT Speakers Night” a special series of meetings and discussions, an intellectual space, where the professionals from different spheres including experts, artists, opinion leaders, journalists and representatives of contemporary art will present their thoughts on urgent issues. The speakers of the first episode of ARARAT Speakers Night were Zelfira Tregulova, director of the Russian State Tretyakov Gallery and Danilo Eccher, curator, contemporary art critic, Hollywood actor John Malkovich and director Alexei German Jr.


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