These world-class vintages begin life in vineyards seated in the shadows of sacred Mount Ararat, heirs of a 6,200- year winemaking legacy in the Armavir region that *** long made the most of this volcanic terroir’s DNA. Raise a toast and celebrate life the Armenian way, with singing, dancing and merry making. 


Karas Classic Wine


Our Reserve Blend drows from a sophisticated assortment of Old World grape varieties harvested from the Eurnekian Family Wine Estates’ vineyards tucked away at the foot of Mount Ararat in Armenia’s Armavir region. This family of blends is barrel aged in Armenian oak, ensuring exciting new levels of complexity.


Karas Reserve Wine

Karas Areni


Represents the uttermost expression of this unique terroir. By selecting the most outstanding grapes from each harvest, this Syrah-led blend is aged in both Armenian and French oak barrels, our best efforts joining forces with artistry to create our most iconic wine. 

 Grand Karas



The first toast raised around an Armenian dining table is «Հայ ժողովրդի կենացը», translated as ‘To the Armenian People.’ This sparkling wine crafted in the birthplace of wine is an authentic celebration of the Armavir region’s ancient land, history, and culture. Consider this our invitation to discover the Armenian lifestyle with loved ones and the perfect opportunity to create new memories with a toast to life. Կենա՛ց։ Cheers!

Karas Estra Brut

Karas Dyutich




  • We are proud to present new wines as a result of our continuous research and development. Single vineyard and single varietals that show new facets of our terroir. 
  • Focused on recovering Armenian ancient varieties, we present two new wines 100% Areni.



Our Single Vineyard harvests indigenous grapes as well as Old World varieties from vineyards planted at the foot of Mount Ararat, then ages them in karas. Combined with the Ararat Valley’s unique volcanic soil profile, we’ve crafted a striking Caucasian identity, with notable earthy, fruity and structured characteristics, a true expression of the valley. 

Karas Single Vineyard



We included a line of single-varietal wines from the Ararat Valley, created from successful harvests where nature provided us with exceptional conditions.


Karas Single Varietal Wines



A collection of experimental wines that result from a journey of exploration merging the Armenian terroir with hidden treasures of the art of wine. A disruptive explosion of a new winemaking concept that reveals the purest energy of our volcanic land in the Ararat Valley. Rebellion, passion and intuition combined with the heritage of 6200 years of wine culture.


The wildest expression of our terroir that reveals the splendor and energy of our volcanic soil, and the richness and vigor of our alluvial soil in the Ararat Valley. 


Volcanic soil 

Sandy loam structure. Presence of basalt stones with calcareous profiles well incorporated to the structure of the soil. 


Alluvial soil 

Loam structure. Deep and young soil related to the natural river course. Rich in minerals and sediment with less presence of stones.

 Karas Kraki Ktor

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