Ararat Abricot. Deux symboles de l'Arménie dans un nouveau produit innovant d'ARARAT.Ararat Apricot. Two symbols of Armenia in a new innovative product of ARARAT

For the very first time in more than 130-year history, ARARAT brandy makers applied their unsurpassed mastery in a completely unexpected and most elegant combination of two symbols of Armenia: ARARAT brandy and apricot. The harmony of such combination is determined by the history itself, as the legendary Armenian brandy, zealously following all the testaments of traditions and having retained its unconditional authenticity, could not but be united with one of the most generous gifts of the Ararat valley - apricot.

Like ARARAT, as the most iconic of Armenian brands, this unique fruit growing in Armenia since ancient times is known all over the world as “Prunus Armeniaca (Lat.)” or “Armenian plum”, which was mentioned more than once in writings of both eminent historians and Roman generals.

Establishing a new benchmark of taste, ARARAT Apricot with a strength of 35% has an unexpectedly mild taste, where the traditional organoleptic characteristics of brandy are elegantly draped with shades of apricot notes.

“Expanding the taste boundaries among famous brands is a new direction in the development of the industry as a whole. ARARAT, as the world’s famous Armenian brandy, could not bypass this international trend. And, of course, our offer had to be as authentic as possible and meet the requirements of the most demanding consumer. The creation of the new product of the innovative range took about two years, since despite the obvious harmony of ARARAT brandies and apricot, it was important to us to find the finest combination among all possible ones. Thanks to the experience of our masters and the thrill with which they worked on the creation of this product, today we present our homage to the generosity of Armenian nature - an absolutely new facet of the legendary Armenian brandy, which will be appreciated not only in Armenia, but throughout the world”, - says Ani Beriashvili, the Chief Operating Officer of Yerevan Brandy Company.

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