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Bottle of Pomegranate Semisweet Wine from Armenia Wine

''Armenia'' Pomegranate Semisweet wine beverage

Unique bouquet of rich pomegranate and berry aromas, as well as sweet tannins. Complex whilst being full bodied and his impressively refreshing aftertaste.

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Pomegranate wine in Armenia, in addition to being an ancient tradition and a precious cultural element, also asserts itself as a versatile beverage. Its refreshing character and sweet and tangy flavors make it an ideal choice for an aperitif, adding a touch of uniqueness and conviviality to every gathering.

Furthermore, pomegranate wine finds a particular harmony with various desserts, especially those featuring chocolate. The combination of the sweetness of pomegranate and the intensity of chocolate creates an exquisite taste experience. Whether paired with cakes, chocolate fondants, or other sweet delights, pomegranate wine offers a palette of flavors that complements chocolate notes perfectly, creating delicious and memorable pairings.

This versatility of pomegranate wine attests to its central role in moments of sharing and celebration in Armenia, enhancing gastronomic experiences and reinforcing the traditions associated with this iconic beverage.

Product Details

Grape variety
70% Natural pomegranate, 30% Red grape
750 ml
Alcohol content
11,5 % Vol.
European Union
Armenia Wine

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