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Papari Valley Qvevri Amphora 3 Terraces...
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A Qvevri is a Georgian large subterranean clay jar. Papari Valley’s unique terraced Qvevri system enables vinification without pumping. The first terrace is for fermentation, the second is for ageing and the basement (the third terrace) is reserved for premium wines which undergo further ageing. Grapes are hand-harvested and put through a de-stemmer at...
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Tbilvino Qvevris Amphora Rkatsiteli -...
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Skin-fermented white wines also called “orange” or “amber” wine. This wine is produced using “Qvevri method.” A Qvevri is a uniquely Georgian creation, a large subterranean clay jar, in which wines are fermented and matured on both skins and stems. This gives Qvevri wines a dimension of flavour and aroma not found in other wines.
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