Wines made from Chardonnay



Chardonnay grape variety

A great Burgundy grape variety to which we owe the prestigious Montrachet, the great white Burgundies as well as the blancs de blcancs champagnes, the Chardonnay has been planted in almost all the vineyards of the planet. If its date of birth is unknown, its parents are formally identified: a medieval grape of Jura and Franche-Compté, Gouais and Pinot Noir.

The Chardonnay can present various aromas, expression of the climate as much as vinification methods, in particular the use or not of the wood. In warmer countries, the aromas of brioche, fresh butter, hazelnut, green fruit will give way to aromas of citrus, pineapple, exotic fruit.

Chardonnay was introduced in Armenia in the 2000s by Karas Wines estate which produces a very elegant white wine - Karas Classic, blended with the Armenian grape variety Kangun and Viognier.

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