ARARAT Apricot Brandy

Ararat Apricot 500 ml Armenian Brandy 500 ml

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Ararat Brandy - Armenian Cognac - Apricot 

The union of two traditional symbols of Armenia, legendary brandy ARARAT and apricot, gives life to the innovative product ARARAT Apricot: embodiment of the generous Armenian land. The masters of Yerevan Brandy Company introduce the new bright taste of the legendary Armenian brandy ARARAT by keeping the heritage and savoir-faire of brandy production in ARARAT Apricot.


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ARARAT Apricot, based on ARARAT brandy and apricot flavor, has rich and intense aroma with soft and fresh palate. The undertones of ripe fruits tinged with notes of liquorice-vanilla linger in the smooth flavor of the drink and carry-on with a sweet finish of fresh apricots.

Enjoy ARARAT Apricot cooled or with an ice cube. Accompany the tasting with marzipan or almond based refined desserts to fully reveal the bright taste of the product. Or savour the vibrant and fresh ARARAT Apricot cocktails to create new unique #ARARATMOMENTS for you and your beloved ones. 500 ml. Alc. by vol. — 35%


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Yerevan Brandy Company
Years of barrel aging
Alcohol content, Volume
35%, 500 ml
European Union
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