Khndoghni (Sireni) -  indigenous grape variety from Artsakh

Kgndoghni (Sireni) 

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Kataro Red - Wine of Artsakh
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 Khndoghni (Sireni) 100 % The flagship wine of Artsakh Deep red color of this wine is combined with the intensity of ripe red fruit aromas, further enhanced by the mouth filling medium long finish.  Late harvest selection and hand sorting of the grapes gives this wine depth, complexity and elegance.
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Karas Areni - Khndoghni Armenian red wine
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Bold, fresh, and fruit foward, experience this wonderfully complex blend from the birthplace of viticulture. To be enjoyed remotely - until your next trip to Armenia. What does it mean for a wine to be Armenian? It is a question we have asked ourselves relentlessly. With this Special Edition Armenian Blend, made of indigenous grapes, Areni and Khndoghni,...
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Tasting Box Native Grape Varieties
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Discovery - tasting box of 3 Native Armenian Varieties: Areni Noir, Khindoghni (Sireni), Voskehat Hin Areni Red Wine 2015 - grape Areni Noir -  1 bottle Kataro Red Wine 2017 - grape Khindoghni (Sireni) - 1 bottle Hin Areni White Wine 2016 - grape Voskehat - 1  bottle Ideal gift for wine lovers
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