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Areni - Armenian  indigenous grape variety.

Areni Noire is one of the most treasured Armenian indigenous grape varieties. Some of its grapevines that are as old as 120-year-old, can still be found in Armenia. Areni Noir can be found almost in all Armenian viticulture areas, but it is mainly spread in the western part of the Vayotz Dzor region, along the Arpa river bank. This old variety originates from the same gorge where the oldest winery in the world (4100 BC) has been excavated, and archeogenetic studies speak to its uninterrupted cultivation spanning millennia.

Grape Variety Voskehat

Voskehat is an ancient Armenian autochthonous grape variety and “the queen” of Armenian grapes. Some of its vines around the country have endured over 150 years and are still fruitful. The cultivation of Voskehat began about 3.5 thousand years ago, as shown by numerous archeological excavations of Teishebaini. During those excavations, the analysis of fossilized seeds showed that some of them belonged to Voskehat. Translating to golden berry, Voskehat is a late-ripening variety that is widespread in Ashtarak, Ejmiatsin and Armavir. It is also cultivated in other regions in varietal or mixed vineyards. Voskehat's berry has a yellow-white or amber hue with small brown spots.

Khndoghni (Sireni) -  indigenous grape variety from Artsakh