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Pomegranate Wine Semisweet Yerevan
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Unique bouquet of rich pomegranate and berry aromas, as well as sweet tannins. Complex whilst being full bodied and his impressively refreshing aftertaste.
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Voskevaz Areni Noir Amphora Wine
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This outstanding wine is created from fine autochthonous Areni Noir harvested from 120 year-old vines situated at 1600m altitude above sea level. For creation of this wine we use the harmonious combination of traditional karas (Armenian clay amphorae) and local oak barrel. The wine presents itself in a ruby-red robe with scents of red fruits, spices and...
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Hin Areni Armenian wine (Areni Noir)
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 Areni Noir 100%  Areni, an indigenous Armenian grape variety has come to us through a millennial history of surviving harsh climate of high elevation and developing a distinct character from the area’s coarse sedimentary and rich volcanic soil. The contrast of these intense climatic and soil conditions with the elegance of this wine is mystifying.SEE...
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Papari Valley Qvevri Amphora 3 Terraces...
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A Qvevri is a Georgian large subterranean clay jar. Papari Valley’s unique terraced Qvevri system enables vinification without pumping. The first terrace is for fermentation, the second is for ageing and the basement (the third terrace) is reserved for premium wines which undergo further ageing. Grapes are hand-harvested and put through a de-stemmer at...
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Kataro Red - Wine of Artsakh
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 Khndoghni (Sireni) 100 % The flagship wine of Artsakh Deep red color of this wine is combined with the intensity of ripe red fruit aromas, further enhanced by the mouth filling medium long finish.  Late harvest selection and hand sorting of the grapes gives this wine depth, complexity and elegance.
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Karas A Tale of 2 Mountains Red
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Grapes: Areni 60%, Malbec 40% Armavir Region, Armenia. Two peaks, one sacred land. The Ararat Valley, gives birth to this armenian family’s romance between the early and fresh new flavours from an ancient culture. Chief winemaker: Gabriel Rogel. Consulting winemaker: Michel Rolland. Alcohol 13%. 750 ml
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Karas Red Dry Reserve
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Syrah, Petit Verdot, Montepulciano, Cabernet Franc. Armavir Region Stony, heavy soil of volcanic origin. Complex and elegant. Well structured, complex and balanced with sweet tannins and well thoroughly toasted wood assemblies. To enjoy with hard cheeses, meats, poultry or simply with a great moment and someone loved.
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Gran Karas
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Grape varieties: Syrah, Montepulciano, Ancellota. Armavir Region Stony, heavy soil of volcanic origin. Deep ruby color, very complex and elegant wine. Full bodied with soft tannins and a long lasting end. To enjoy with hard cheeses, meats, poultry or simply with a great moment and someone loved. Producer / Karas Winery Vintage / 2013  Chief winemaker /...
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Karas Classic Red - Armenian Wine
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 Syrah 35 %, Malbec 35 %, Cabernet Franc 20%, Tannat 10% Excellent blend, expressive and lively. Its fruity aromas and great acidity makes the wine elegant and easy to drink. It pairs good with red meats and pastas. Also good with chocolate and spice desserts.SEE ALL KARAS WINES
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ArmAs Karmrahyut Armenian Red Wine
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This wine’s brilliant and intense color comes from the Karmarahyut grape which defies its characteristic – “Karmir-hyut” meaning “red juice” in Armenian. The aromas are equally bold, evoking red fruits and rose petals. Yet on the palate, this Rose is fresh and soft with flavors of strawberry, red cherry, antique rose and honey, rounding out this pleasant...
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Armas Areni Armenian Red Wine
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Grapes: Areni Noir40% Région d'Aragatsotn, Arménie. Producer’s comments: The Areni vine is the emblem of a terrain suited to the viticulture that gives this wine its innate ability to surprise you with its noble character. The aroma is reminiscent of its terroir, heightened as it rested briefly in Armenian oak. On the palate the wine shows elegance and...
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Karas Areni - Khndoghni Armenian red wine
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Bold, fresh, and fruit foward, experience this wonderfully complex blend from the birthplace of viticulture. To be enjoyed remotely - until your next trip to Armenia. What does it mean for a wine to be Armenian? It is a question we have asked ourselves relentlessly. With this Special Edition Armenian Blend, made of indigenous grapes, Areni and Khndoghni,...
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